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YakPower Complete LED Light Kit

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Why cut and splice when you can just plug-and-play? Yak-Power has completely revolutionized LED lighting for kayaks. Using our patent pending Through Hull 12v connectors and Yak-Power plug-and-play wiring, adding LED lights to your kayak has never been easier. Simply drill a hole, screw in the Through Hull connector, plug them in, and power them up!  No wires to cut, no splicing, no caulking, and most importantly no LEAKS!  

All Yak-Power LED lights are designed for maximum performance, ease of installation, and reliability. Our LED light strips feature Super Bright LEDS that are fully encapsulated, and compression molded with a silicone encased connector plug that plugs directly into our Through Hull connector. All wiring is complete with Yak-Power plug-and-play SAE connectors for easy integration into any Yak-Power system.

GREEN is the best and most popular choice for attracting bait fish.

BLUE is better for night vision and is commonly used for interior lighting and exterior lighting when attracting bait is not a priority.

  • Completely encapsulated, compression molded, silicone encased LED light strips
  • Patent pending, stainless steel, self sealing, waterproof Through Hull connectors
  • SMD 5050, 60 LEDs per meter
  • Full 10in of visible light
  • UV Resistant
  • IP68 - Fully submersible

Kit Includes:
2pcs 10” light strips
2pcs Through Hull Connectors
1pcs  2 to 1 plug-and-play SAE splitters
8mm Allen wrench
Small tube of dielectric grease


Installation Manual

Drill Hole Size = 1/2 inch
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