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YakPower Power Pack Battery Box With Integrated USB Charging

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Pack Battery Box With Integrated USB Charging

The Power Pack battery box is the ultimate power solution for your kayak.

The Power Pack comes with an integrated Power Port outlet making it easy to plug in and power your 12v accessories. The built in Master Power Switch, gives you full control of when your power is ON or OFF. The compact waterproof design of the Power Pack will hold up to 3 7AH batteries or 2 12AH batteries while still being small enough to stow away in many hatches. And, the integrated, external DUAL USB charging port will insure that both your mobile device and outdoor action camera have all the power they need to capture all of the action while you’re out on the water. The Power Pack also comes with a 1A home smart trickle battery charger that will maintain your batteries and insure you always have a full charge every time you go out. Batteries not included!


  • Compact waterproof design
  • Holds up to 3 7AH or 2 12AH batteries (batteries not included)
  • 1A Smart trickle battery charger included
  • Master Power Switch
  • Integrated 5 volt, 4.2A DUAL USB Charging ports
  • Built in booted, water tight fuse holder with 15A fuse
  • Adjustable slide track and strap for securing batteries in place
  • Configurable foam inserts

Works with Power Ports (YP-PMC48S, YP-PMC96S, or YP-PMC144S), Power Panel switching system (YP-RP5R), and Power Plug  (YP-SAE4)

Always make sure the Yak Power plug-and-play connectors are completely pushed together when connecting the system together.   

All SAE connectors are not exactly alike. Yak Power uses our own custom tooled, high tolerance, very snug fitting connectors with larger gauge real copper wire to insure a quality, weatherproof, and reliable connection.

All Yak-Power plug and play accessories are specifically designed to work together while maintaining the correct battery polarity throughout the entire Yak-Power system. Use of other aftermarket connectors or splicing other connectors into the Yak-Power system may cause damage to the system or to the accessories connected to the system and void your warranty.

CAUTION: Always pay attention to the actual wire colors of all Yak-Power accessory cables to insure that the RED (+) wire is always connecting to the RED (+) wire on the connector into which it is being plugged.

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