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YakPower SAE Y-Adapter

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Plug two 12v accessories into one switched output of the Yak-Power system!  YP-SAEY

The SAE Y-adaptor allows you to easily connect two 12v accessories to one switched output on the Yak-Power system. Whether you want to have all of your Yak Power LED lights on one switch, or just have a single battery connection power two Power Ports, the SAE Y-adaptor is all you need.

Easily plug your 12v accessory into the SAE Y-adaptor and then plug the Y-adaptor directly into the Power Panel switching system, directly into the Power Pack battery box or straight to a 12v battery using either of the Yak-Power Battery Terminal pig tails (YP-BTP12 or YP-BTP96).

The YP-SAEY Y-adaptor can be used to plug two 12v accessories directly into the following Yak-Power products:
Power Ports (YP-PMC48S, YP-PMC96S, or YP-PMC144S)
Power Panel switching system (YP-RP5R)
Power Pack battery box (YP-BBK)
Battery Terminal pig tails (YP-BTP12 or YP-BTP96)

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