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Personal flotation devices, commonly referred to as PFDs, are also known as life jackets and life vests, are life-saving devices. They are used for work and recreation.

There are different ratings for different types of PFDs. This rating depends on the buoyancy needed and the application of the device. The devices are rated as Type I, II, III, IV and V. These PFDs are required and/or recommended by the U.S. Coast Guard and state law enforcement agencies for different applications. The minimum amount of buoyancy for each device type is listed below:

Type I = Designed for extended survival in rough, open or remote water. It has the highest float rating and usually will turn an unconscious person face up. Minimum buoyancy rating 22 lbs. adults, 11 lbs child, 7 lbs infant.

Type II (Near-Shore Buoyant Vest) - Best use for adults and children in calm inland water where a fast rescue will probably occur. Slightly less bulky than Type I vests, and can turn some unconscious people face-up. Minimum buoyancy 15.5 lbs. adults, 11 lbs child, 7 lbs infant.

Type III (Flotation Aid) - For use in calm water by conscious users, where there is high probability of a fast rescue. Type III is generally the “paddler’s choice” because they are designed for general boating/water activities as marked on the vest, and are more comfortable. Minimum buoyancy 15.5 lbs. adults, 11 lbs child, 7 lbs infant.

Type IV (Throwable Devices) - Boat cushions, rings, and horseshoe buoys. These are for use in calm water where there is a high probability of fast rescue. They are not designed to be worn and should be supplemented with a wearable PFD. Varying minimum buoyancy 16.5 to 18 lbs dependent on device.

Type V (Special Use Devices) - “Special-Use” PFDs include commercial whitewater rafting vests, work vests, deck suits, and hybrid inflatables with restricted use for specific activities as outlined on the vest – be sure to READ the USCG instructions sewn or printed on the device. Varying minimum buoyancy 15 to 22 lbs dependent on device.

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Learn about the types of PFDs, and choose from Mariner Sails excellent inventory selection.
Learn about the types of PFDs, and choose from Mariner Sails excellent inventory selection.

Our best selling PFD, redesigned for 2017 with a better variety of pockets. Wear it for all forms of paddling, even class 3 whitewater and multi-day kayak touring. Deep V-neck won't get in your face and large armholes don't restrict movement. Soft foam pa

MTI Under Dog PFD

$52.95 $39.00
Like humans, some dogs are better swimmers than others. And like all swimmers, they will eventually tire. Even a good swimmer might be disoriented from the shock of falling in the water. Most pet life jackets are designed to keep the animal in a horizonta
Hobie Edge PFD Part# S6120XXL
The NRS Clearwater Mesh Back PFD is our foundational front-entry jacket with high-back flotation to accommodate most kayak seats and low-back mesh for warm-weather ventilation.
400 denier nylon fabric construction ensures durability through seasons of we
Performance High-Back Fishing Life Jacket. Designed with the performance kayak angler in mind, the Lure Angler jacket comes equipped with many features and adjustments that are designed to keep you fishing in comfort longer. Featuring a high-back construc
You already choose your own adventures. Now, choose your own buoyancy in the Khimera™. Offering the security of foam in a slim profile, the option to boost your buoyancy with the pull of a cord keeps your movements (and your flotation) as fluid and dynami

Mustang Survival Calcutta PFD

$99.95 $79.95
MSRP: $89.95 CODE: 411E-5490
COLORS:Orange/Gray, Midnight Green/Gray
SIZE: Adult Universal (30"-56")
• New for 2018: Redesigned in collaboration with MTI Kayak Fishing Ambassadors
• Full F-SPEC
The women's specific NRS Nora PFD offers female boaters a basic life jacket with a ventilated, thin-back design for comfort in any raft or kayak seat.
This PFD is approved under the new certification system for PFDs. It's dual certified, carrying both a
With a streamlined design, high-back flotation and pliable foam in the chest, the NRS Women's Zoya Mesh Back PFD is an ultra comfortable life jacket.
400 denier ripstop nylon fabric construction is guaranteed to protect your jacket from snags and tears t
• A new and improved version of the Hobie inflatable PFD
• This newer version includes two wider side pockets and rides up less when you are pedaling
• Manual inflation, just pull the yellow T-handle to inflate
• Includes (1) CO2 Cylinder/instructions
Product Details
Additional safety for any dog that spends time near the water. The NRS Canine Flotation Device gives you peace of mind by providing extra flotation for your best friend. Simple design fits snug and secure without interfering with the dog'
The Auto/Manual 24G Bayonet Inflatable Re-Arm Kit contains everything necessary to re-arm your Mustang Survival MIT 100 manual and automatic inflatable PFDs after deployment. The automatic inflator bobbin on all automatic PFDs should be replaced on a regu
Performance Life Jacket for Kids. The Inlet Junior offers many features and unmatched comfort making it the ideal choice for kids who can’t get enough of the water.
Recreational Life Jacket for Kids. The Volks Junior offers a no-nonsense, easy ‘I can do it myself’ on and off design at a price that’s just right for mom and dad.

Hobie Pet PFD

Does your dog go everywhere with you? Now you can be sure that your best friend goes along with you safely. Why leave family at home while you enjoy a day on the water? Added flotation as a swim assist and grab handles, so you can help them back aboard mo
Hobie’s Infant vests gives your little ones the comfort and safety found in adult PFDs.

Accommodates kids less than 30lbs. The grab loop makes plucking the little buggers out of the water while the crotch strap helps keep the jacket from riding up ov
Product Details
Purpose-built for female anglers, the Shenook fishing PFD has all of the features of our best-selling Chinook with women's cut and styling. Designed to make you more effective on the water, the Shenook offers endless organization and atta

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