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MotorGuide Xi3 Install

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MotorGuide Xi3 Install

Article: Motorguide Xi3 Install
Bow-mounting on a Nucanoe Pursuit 13.5

Written by: Katie Backa

Install by: Jon Worm

October 20, 2021

By now, a lot of you have probably heard about the MotorGuide Xi3 - a solid option to motorizing your kayak if you're not already in something awesome, like an Autopilot 136.

But what you may not have seen, is a clean install - so my good friend and coworker, Jon Worm, thought y'all might want to check out just how great these motors can look when they're installed here at Mariner Sails on a Nucanoe Pursuit 13.5!

The bracket holding the motor on the bow is the Nucanoe Pursuit Bow Motor Mount and a MotorGuide Quick Release Bracket, which creates a clean, solid attachment point for the motor to sit on.

To power your new Xi3, we usually recommend a 110AH lithium battery, stored inside of a Nucanoe battery box with track straps, to ensure that your battery stays put!

For ease of use, Jon uses a Nucanoe Motor Wiring Kit, which provides a clean port to plug your battery into.

Behind the bow, Jon uses a second Nucanoe Motor Wiring Kit to provide another port to plug the Xi3 motor into its power supply.

In the front of the kayak, Jon also installed a Nucanoe Pursuit Console to provide a place to store a secondary 25AH battery to power a fish finder, and other accessories.

Inside of the drawer, Jon installed a Duel Dash Mount USB Port with a Dash Mount Gasket to provide a place to charge your phone!

To the side of the drawer, Jon installed a 12V charging port with a Dash Mount Gasket for additional charging capabilities.

And to finish out the project, Jon installed red and green SuperNova LED navigation lights.

And that's a wrap!

As you can see, Jon does fantastic installs here at Mariner Sails, and if you'd like to check out more of his work and other adventures, definitely check out his YouTube channel WormTV!

If you'd like to tackle this work on your own, here's a list of all of the components Jon used to complete the build, all of which you can find at Mariner Sails!

Tight lines, all!!
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