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The new S.S. Series (Sit/ Stand) offers the ultimate in fishability from a kayak! Offering one-of-kind features specific to the kayak angler, this boat has everything you need to nail the big catch! Featuring our new Hybrid Catamaran Hull design, this b
The EX123 Expedition.

The EX123 Expedition is a stable, comfortable, and great paddling sit inside kayak, with performance, features, and cargo space that enable you to take your life’s adventure to the next level. Inspired by our SS series of fishing
Introducing the new FlexWings™ from Bonafide Kayaks. With being the only kayak brand on the market with dual skid plates it presented itself with a unique opportunity to do something different than a skeg or rudder and the FlexWings were the result of mon
The rudder kit for the SS Series of Bonafide Kayaks (SS107 and SS127) features the new YakAttack SwingBlade Rudder and includes every component and part needed for adding a rudder to your Bonafide Kayak. Designed to be quiet and ergonomic, this rudder kit
Introducing our new kayak accessory for the Deck Dashboard on the Bonafide EX123. Featuring a side mount that slips into the slot on the dashboard, this cup holder is a great option for added storage. It incorporates a large opening that is big enough to
Found on both the SS107 and SS127 fishing kayaks two skid plates come stock and give you the ability to drag your kayak short distances while portaging or launching your kayak. After a length of time you might wear through the skid plates, but with this k
The bow hatch on the SS127 was specifically designed for maximum organization and storage on your Bonafide fishing kayak. The raised grooves aid in rod management and allow you to stage several rods rigged and at the ready to cast at a moment’s notice. Ma
With the same or similar foot braces being used in just about every fishing kayak on the market we knew there was some major room for improvement when designing the components for the Bonafide SS series of kayaks. The track used with our foot braces are s
Used in conjunction with the Deck Loops the Deck Hooks are a low profile modern take on a classic j-hook and is used to manage bungee in the stern tankwell of the SS127 and on the side handle paddle holder seen on the SS107 and SS127 sit-on-top fishing ka
Featured stock on the SS127 the Omni Hooks™ are a neat addition to your SS107 or any other kayak featuring a bungee system in the stern tankwell. Once attached to your kayak’s bungee the Omni Hooks give you the ability to lash down a variety of items with
Bungee Lock™ Deck Loop Accessory Package
Our proprietary Dual Action Foot Braces™ are more than meets the eye. They quickly adjust from an extremely rigid foot brace to free sliding rudder controls with a simple flip of a switch. This is just one of the many unique features of the SS series that
The Sky Hook™ is featured on both the SS107 and SS127 fishing kayak and aids in making the seat transition from the low position to the high position while on the water. When seated in the low paddling position and you want to move to the high fishing pos
Featured on the SS107 and SS127 and used to retain the Dry Pod in a downward position this strap gives you the ability to quickly hinge your Dry Pod forward and lock it back in place. This strap is full rubber and easy to grip in wet or dry conditions. In
The same Doubleheader™ Hinge found on the bow hatch of the SS127 is seen on the forward side of the Dry Pod on the SS107 and SS127 fishing kayaks. The hinge allows the Dry Pod to easily be lifted forward giving you the ability to remove any debris from yo
For the SS107 and SS127 we knew we needed to design a handle that was not only comfortable in your hand while carrying your kayak to and from the water, but also we wanted it to be the closest thing to your body while being carried. With the handle being
On the SS107 and SS127 fishing kayaks, we were able to take a rather simple feature like a side handle and add some extra benefits and features to help with organization and increase the utility to help with rod, paddle, stakeout pole storage to help make
Whether or not you think about it, handles are one of the most important features on your fishing kayak. It is something you use almost more than any other feature on your kayak and if they aren’t comfortable and in the correct position it leads to an unp
These custom-designed pad eyes are featured on the bow and stern of the SS127 and the stern tank well of the SS107 and are used to guide and control bungee. Sold in a four pack and includes stainless steel hardware. Made in the USA.
Featured on the Bonafide SS107 and SS127 sit-on-top fishing kayaks these side clips are used to close the lid of your Dry Pod™. Working off a simple cam action the side clips are easy to open when needing to access your gear or fish finder battery and clo