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Block 22mm Single Micro Part# HAR 224
The compact 29 mm Carbo is extremely strong. Use Harken's miniature Carbo as a mainsheet block on small dinghies such as the Optimist, or for low-friction control blocks on any size boat.
Harken Block 44mm Cheek Single Part# HAR 027
Harken Block 29mm Pivot Bullet Cheek Part# HAR 113
Harken Block 57mm Double Carbo Part# 97653076797
Harken Micro Cam-Matic II Cam Cleat Part# 97653208921
Harken Kit Micro Cam II Part# 97653208952
Harken Block 22mm Micro Upright Lead Part# 97653009719
Harken Shackle Stamped 3/16" Pin (5mm) Part# HAR 072
Harken Block 57mm Swivel Part# HAR 001
Harken Spectrum 3/4 Finger Gloves Part# 2086XXL.BL
Harken CB 22mm Battcar System A Universal Part# 97653144854
Harken 2 Point Lift System (Kayaks) Part# 97653128083
Harken Block 22mm Micro Exit Thru-Deck Part# 97653009702
Harken 1107 5/16 in (8 mm) Clevis Pin Set Used with furling unit 00AL, it includes clevis pin, spacer and cotter pin. Choose the size appropriate for you application (to match the pin hole in your bow chainplate).Harken recommends ordering an extra Clevis
Hobie Cam Base With Swivel Bullseye Part# H241
Hobie Sail Chafe Protector Set Part# H285
Harken Block 29mm Pivoting Lead Block (Replaces HAR 291 & HAR 299) Part# 396
Harken Cam-Matic Cleat Offshore Part# 97653039723
Harken Block 29mm Carbo Double Part# 97653100270
Harken Block 29mm Carbo Single Part# 97653100553
Harken Aluminum Cam-Matic Cleat Part# HAR 150