Harken CB 22mm Battcar System A Universal Part# 97653144854
Harken Block 57mm Triple Lopro Carboratchet Part# HAR 2629
Harken Block 29mm Pivoting Lead Block (Replaces HAR 291 & HAR 299) Part# 396
Harken Aluminum Cam-Matic Cleat Part# HAR 150
Harken Block 40mm Carbo Stanchion Part# HAR 7401
Harken Block 22mm Micro Exit Thru-Deck Part# 97653009702
Harken Block 22mm Micro Triple With Cleat & Becket Part# HAR 231
Harken Block 22mm Micro Triple Part# HAR 228
Harken Block 29mm Bullet Single With Becket Part# HAR 167
Hobie Block Bullet Swivel With Becket Part# H167
Hobie Shackle-3/16In W/Pin & Ring Part# H072
Low-friction Micro blocks are compact and lightweight. They are ideal for sailboards, smaller dinghies, and lightly loaded control lines on boats of all sizes.

Sheave: 22 mm / 7/8 in
Length: 38 mm / 1 1/2 in
Weight: 14 g / .5 oz
Maximum line: 6 mm /
This part has been discontinued and once it is gone it's gone! Handy furler below a bridle housing. Harken part# 454 .
Lightweight, fiber-reinforced flairleads feature stainless wearguards for long life and are available in various colors for color-coding your cams. Harken part# 424
Harken Block 40mm Carbo Single With Swivel & Becket Part# 97653077275
Harken Block 16mm AirBlock Pivot Cheek Part# 97653036579
Harken Fairlead For Cam-Matic Part# HAR 425BK
Harken Wedge Kit Micro Cam Part# 97653010180
Harken Cam-Matic Angled Riser Part# 97653010173
Harken Cam-Matic Riser Part# 97653010166
Harken Spreader Rollers Part# HAR 285