Harken Block 22mm Single Micro Block With Becket Part# HAR 225
Harken Block 29mm Pivoting Lead Block (Replaces HAR 291 & HAR 299) Part# 396
The T18™ complements the T2™ line. At 7.2 g (.25 oz), it ties, splices, lashes anywhere—perfect for downhauls, outhauls, and other lightweight control systems on dinghies, skiffs, and beachcats.
Harken Block 16mm AirBlock Pivot Cheek Part# 97653036579
Harken Block 57mm Carbo Fiddle Part# 97653100607
Harken Block 29mm Carbo Standup Part# 97653103813
The compact 29 mm Carbo is extremely strong. Use Harken's miniature Carbo as a mainsheet block on small dinghies such as the Optimist, or for low-friction control blocks on any size boat.
Harken Block 29mm Carbo Cheek Block Part# 97653104254
Harken Block 29mm Carbo Triple Part# 97653100393
Harken Block 16mm Airblock Triple Part# 97653014942
Harken Block 16mm Airblock Single With Swivel Part# 97653016069
Harken Block 16mm AirBlock Single With Becket Part# 97653014911
Harken Block 16mm AirBlock Single Part# 97653014904
Harken Block 16mm AirBlock Double With Becket Part# 97653014935
Harken Block 57mm Carbo Triple With Becket Part# 97653077046
Harken Block 40mm Double Carbo With Becket Part# 97653077374
Harken Shackle Long 1/4" Pin (6mm) Part# 97653035879
Harken CB 22mm Battcar System A Universal Part# 97653144854
Harken Block 57mm Carbo Triple With Cam Part# HAR 2140
Harken Block 57mm Carbo Ratch Single With Becket Part# 97653144274
Harken Block 40mm Carbo Triple With Ratchet & Cleat Part# 97653134244
Harken 2 Point Lift System (Kayaks) Part# 97653128083
Harken Block 16mm Micro Forkhead Single Part# 97653124665