T2™ blocks come in single and double configurations and can be tied, spliced, or lashed to almost anything. T2 doubles feature composite line guides that are integrated into the block head. They prevent the block from capsizing by pushing the lashing line
Harken Block 40mm Carbo Fiddle Part# 97653100713
Harken Block 75mm Ratchomatic With Cleat Part# 97653153269
Harken Highload 1250Lb Car With Pivoting Cam 22mm (Fits Hobie 20/21) Part# HAR 2738
Harken Shackle Shallow Bow 3/16" Pin (5mm) Part# 97653118671
Harken Block 22mm Fiddle V-Jamb Part# 97653009726
Harken Block 22mm Micro Upright Lead Part# 97653009719
Harken Cam Cleat Angle Wedge Part# HAR 145
Harken Stand Up Spring Part# HAR 097
A special all-temperature grease which is very resistant to salt and fresh water.