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Harken Bike Lift Part# 97653104919
Harken Block 40mm Carbo Fiddle With Cleat Part# 97653104476
Harken Eye Strap For Cam-Matic Part# HAR 137
Harken Block 29mm Single Wire Bullet With Becket Part# HAR 099
Harken Block 29mm Bullet Cheek - Limited Part# HAR 092
Harken Block 29mm Double Bullet Block With Becket Part# HAR 085
Harken Spring Stand Up Part# HAR 071
Harken Winch Handle Carbo One Touch Part#
Hobie Block 2.25" Single Part# H001
Hobie Shackle 4 Mm Bow W/5/32In Pin Part# H2131
Hobie Block Micro Traveler Part# H232
Hobie Block 38mm Big Bullet Swivel Part# H168
Hobie Cam-Matic Wedge Kit Part# H145
Hobie Block 29mm Bullet Cheek Part# H092
Hobie Block 29mm Carbo Triple With Cleat Part# H347
Hobie Micro Cleat Harken Part# H471
Harken Long Leg Kit 1/2" With Toggle Part# 97653263463
A short leg kit adjusts the drum height. Choose the short leg extension kit when the furler attaches directly to a marine eye at the bottom of the stay. Short legs allow the sail to be closer to the deck. Use without turnbuckle.
A long leg kit adjusts the drum height. Choose the long leg extension kit when using a turnbuckle with swage, Norseman or Sta-Lok® terminals. Long legs raise the drum to clear the anchor, reduce sail chafe, and increase visibility. Removable clamp screws
Harken Spectrum 3/4 Finger Gloves Part# 2086XXL.BL