Hobie (Prior Year Model) 2014 Mirage Adventure Island Dune

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Fast, fun and versatile, the Hobie Mirage® Adventure Island gives you options. Unbolt the akas and amas and you have a super-quick, super-fun kayak; attach the new Aka II die-cast crossbars and ama side floats, step the sailing rig and you have a stable s

Hobie Wild Cat

The Wild Cat—Hobie Cat Europe’s no-holds-barred Formula 18 class killer—is designed to efficiently feed your adrenaline addiction. Elegant, functional touches include wave-piercing bows, an integrated wing-mast section, high- aspect ratio daggerboards and
Hobie Mesh Stowage Pocket is great for holding all sorts of your essentials. These will fit on almost any kayak. Designed to fit specifically on Hobie kayaks molded in side gear storage tray. Also
Hobie Pro Angler Power Pole Mount Kit Part# 72020176
Trailex Adventure Island / Pro Angler Trailer Part# 38652000

Hobie 2017 Mirage Outback (Prior Year Model)

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Hobie 2017 Mirage Outback Part# 8403345
Hobie Powerpole Micro And Spike Part# 72020083
Hobie Battery Holder 12V Part# 72025007
The Sport is sized just right for quick escapes, nine easy feet of kick-back kayak with Hobie MirageDrive motivation. Hop on and go. Stay awhile; the cushy Vantage CT will float away your cares. The Sport is compact, but doesn’t skimp on comfort or storag

Hobie Tiger Sail

Hobie Tiger Sail Part# F18030455
The Hobie 14 was the original catamaran designed by Hobie Alter. The general shape and design of the boat is very similar to the later built Hobie 16. They share many of the same parts. The 14 was originally designed to be sailed as a uni-rig with just a
Hobie Tandem Island AMA Part# 88991304
Hobie H16 Main Sail Part# 20991090

Protect your Hobie Eclipse Board with this Rail Protection Kit. THis helps protect your rails from scrapes and scratches keeping your investment beautiful and shiny! A must have upgrade for your board!

72050001 - Part Nu

Hobie (DEMO) 2014 Mirage Sport

$1,799.00 $1,349.25
Hobie (DEMO) 2014 Mirage Sport Part# 8900923

Hobie 2017 Mirage Outfitter Tandem (Prior year Model)

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Hobie 2017 Mirage Outfitter Tandem Part# 772035

Hobie thru hull fittings for routing wiring through cockpitarea for:

Steering (Pro A) Reversible Assembly
The Hobie H-Rail with YakAttak Mighty Mount allows you to easily attach your VisiCarbon Pro to your Hobie H-Rail. It clamps to the 12-sided H-Rail without any drilling or tools needed. When the clamp is secured, the mount does not twist or slide along the
A performance paddler in a mid-sized package, the Quest 11 is at home on a lake, bay or flat.
A rotomolded polyethylene hull, adjustable foot braces and a super-comfy seat provide a confident ride, one well suited to wetting a line. The Quest 11’s angler-
Hobie Lift Handle Kayak Webbing Part# 71190001
Hobie Evolve V2 Torqeedo Motor Kit Part# 72022030