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The Hobie Explorer FX 7.5 SUP Paddle is a great all around recreational paddle. With an ergonomically designed handle and tapered oval shaft, this paddle provides maximum comfort, a lightweight feel, and great control.
The Hobie H-Rail Cup Holder attachment keeps your drink safe and secure on the Hobie H-Rail. The cup holder has a small piece inside so it will hold small bottles and cans up to a large Nalgene bottle. It clamps to the 12-sided H-Rail without any drilling
The Hobie H-Rail with YakAttak Mighty Mount allows you to easily attach your VisiCarbon Pro to your Hobie H-Rail. It clamps to the 12-sided H-Rail without any drilling or tools needed. When the clamp is secured, the mount does not twist or slide along the
The Hobie H-Rail Railblaza G-Hold secures paddles, push poles, nets, gaffs or anything of moderate size up to 2 inches in diameter. The flexible quick-release strap has two securing points for security of minimum and maximum diameters, providing strong re
Allows a Transducer to be mounted to the back of any Twist-N-Stow rudder. This is a great work-around if you have multiple transducers or an older Hobie kayak that does not have the Lowrance Ready Plate.
2018 Hobie Mirage Eclipse Nose-Rail Guard Kit installs simply and securely to all Epoxy Mirage Eclipse boards. It fits both the 10.5 foot and the 12.0 foot to prevent dings, dents and scratches on your board.

Part Number- 72050013
Hobie Cover - Catamaran 14'-16'8'' Part# 314-14TO17
 The Hobie H-Rail Universal Mount Plate attachment allows you to attach any accessory to the Hobie H-Rail. The mount plate is easy to drill and thru-bolt to. It clamps to the 12-sided H-Rail without any drilling or tools needed. When the clamp is secured,
Hobie for 2016 Model Years they introduced the all New 3-Way thru hull fittings for routing wiring through cockpit area for.
Trim-Lok Pro Angler Hatch Seal Upgrade Kit

Hobie® is now offering a hatch seal upgrade kit (part 71707004) for pre-2018 Pro Angler series kayaks. The Trim-Lok seal provided in this kit is pre-cut to match the perimeter of the PA 14 front hatch lid. For
Hobie's Compass specific Anchor Trolley Kit includes everything you need to complete the installation. Hobie has made it easy by designing a kit that doesn't require thru-bolting to mount cheek block pulleys and pad eyes. Effectively position your kayak j
Hobie Cradle Set Pro Angler Part# 72020401
The Hobie Rectangular Twist and Seal Hatch kit is the standard hatch on Hobie Pro Angler kayaks and can also be added to 2013 and newer model year Hobie Outback kayaks. The twist and seal allows for one hand operation and is a hinged lid that keeps the ha
Hobie H16 Main Sheet Part#
HOBIE - NUT (WELL NUT ) - 10-32 x 1" This rubber toggle bolthas become increasingly popular with the kayak fisherman. It allows you to install a very secure, water-tight fitting when you have
Hobie Cradle Set PA17 Part# 72020404

Hobie (Prior Year Model) 2014 Mirage Inflatable i9 Sundance

Prior Year - Contact Us for Availability
Now even shorter! Hobie has combined the Hobie Mirage Drive within an innovative hull-its patent pending design that will redefine how the world views inflatable kayaks. The Hobie Mirage Inflatable Single Kayak i9s is perfect for those who are short on ro
Designed for active kayaking and sailing. Can be worn with swim trunks or over a wetsuit. Mix and match layers to get the comfort you desire. Spray and wind protection. Beautiful styling and extra durable construction. Construction Features: Neck and wris
Hobie Hummingbird Adapter Plate Kit Fish Finder
Rivet, 6-10 Panhead Monel
Hobie MD180 ST Fin V1 - V2 Conversion Kit Part# 81501111
Hobie Mast Pivot Bearing Pkg 3 Part# 11110005
Hobie O-Ring Twist N Seal 8In Part# 71702021