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If you intend on using your Mirage Drive kayak with just the paddle, install this cassette plug to smooth out the bottom of the kayak for reduced turbulence and improved paddling performance.

An included item on all new Hobie Mirage kayaks.
Mast Tip Rotator for spinnaker/reacher kit.
The flowing, liquid lines of the Revolution 13 deliver an undeniable message. This is a quick, seaworthy and efficient design that, at 28.5-in. wide, hits the sweet spot for stability minus any slowdown.
With innovative multiple seating options for one or two casters, the 17T is the king of fishing kayaks.
Elegant simplicity: This low-profile performer with a rigid inflatable drop stitch hull is the lightest weight hands-free inflatable kayak in the Hobie fleet.
Coast Guard Approved Type III (Almost twice the buoyancy of USCG foam PFD)

Comfortable Slim Fit Design (Improved shell design increases comfort)

Neoprene Collar

Mesh Yoke Back Strap (Helps prevent
Compass Soft Cooler/Fish Bag

Hobie’s® newest addition to the Soft Cooler/Fish bag line is a rugged, soft-sided cooler made specifically to fit the bow recess of the Mirage Compass! Perfect for keeping drinks and snacks cold in hot conditions, or for ic
2018 Hobie Mirage Eclipse Nose-Rail Guard Kit installs simply and securely to all Epoxy Mirage Eclipse boards. It fits both the 10.5 foot and the 12.0 foot to prevent dings, dents and scratches on your board.

Part Number- 72050013
Hobie MD180 V2 Turbo Fin Part# 81501002
Hobie H14 Main Sail Part# 10991088
Hobie Spreader Tang Bow Wave Part# 38120041
Hobie Rudder Stiffening Kit Part# 136
Hobie Water Bottle - Stainless (28oz) Part# 71995001
Hobie Mast Stepper III Part# 3156
Hobie Battery - 12V Fishfinder Part# 72025001
Trailex Bravo/Wave Trailer Part# 38651000
Hobie Dome H Decal - used on the Adventure Island Ama under the carry handle.
Hobie for 2016 Model Years they introduced the all New 3-Way thru hull fittings for routing wiring through cockpit area for.

Right pedal crank assembly for V1 and V2 Mirage Drive
The Hobie i14T is the ultimate tandem, inflatable kayak.