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Transform your kayak into a hunting machine with the YakGear Ambush Camo Kayak Cover & Hunting Blind. The drawstrings at either end make this a universal fit on 12′ to 14′ kayaks, canoes and jon boats. This camo cover uses two flaps in the middle, connect
Viking Kayaks Kayak Wire Cover Platinum Series Part# 853628005458
The Electrical Wire Cover is a finishing piece for a fish-finder or other electronic install on your kayak. The cover allows for a professional finished look install anywhere you have wire
Yak-Gear Floating Fish Ruler 36" Part# 853628005007
Yak-Gear LuminaLed Rechargable Light (Blue) Part# 890847002127
Yak-Gear Outriggers (Std Orange) Part# 890847002431
Yak-Gear Stand-N-Cast Stand Up Bar Part# 855271006141
Yak-Gear Bruce Anchor Rigged Part# 890847002318
Yak-Gear Fish Stik Part# 01-9004-W
Yak-Gear Mushroom Anchor Part# 853628005823
Yak-Gear Harken Pulley Kit SS Part# 890847002189
Yak-Gear Yak Stick 6' (W/Storage Clips) Part# 890847002370
Yak-Gear Pulley Kit Harken (2 Per Pack) Part# 890847002356
Yak-Gear Anchor In A Bag 3.3Lb Grapnel Part# 890847002301
Yak-Gear Milk Crate Black 13X13 Part# 890847002837
The YakGear Fish Grip Lock gives you a quick and easy way to store and grab your full-size Fish Grips. Also offered as a kit, which includes an orange Fish Grip. Use the included track nut hardware to set the correct angle in the track of your kayak and s
Yak-Gear Anchor Trolley Deluxe With Pulley Part# 890847002264
YakGear Taco Paddle Clip (clip only) - Add or replace paddle holders with the YakGear Taco Paddle Clip. While there are many different ways to mount and store paddles on kayaks and canoes, the 6-inch long taco paddle clips provide the same storage benefit
YakGear Drift Anchor - Sock Only - The bright orange anchors are the perfect accessory for a slow float across the whole range of your favorite fishing spot.The YakGear Drift Anchor opens automatically when in the water and collapses neatly for storage wh
Yak-Gear Hatch Cat Bag 4In Part# 890847002974
Yak-Gear Drain Plug Kit (Course/Fine) Part# 890847002653
Yak-Gear Anglers Crate Kit Pro Part# 853628005809
Yak-Gear Cooler Seat Part# 853628005472