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Hobie Eclipse/i-Series Plug-In Cart

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Hobie Eclipse/i-Series Plug-In Cart - for i9s, i12s, i14t and Eclipse.

Features the same wheels as the Standard plug in cart, but with a narrower frame to fit the I-series yaks and Eclipse 

Hobie Eclipse/i-Series Plug-In Cart
Carts or Dollies are a must for easily transporting your Hobie Eclipse/ i-series kayak from car to water’s edge. Simply roll the Eclipse down to the water and off you go! Plug-in carts
do just that ...they plug right into the bottom of your Mirage Eclipse. Choose standard for solid surfaces or Hobie Trax version with pneumatic tires which are great
for soft sand and rough surfaces. Each cart has a sturdy stainless steel frame.

Durable 26 cm hard foam tires and strong spoked wheels. Great
for transport over solid surfaces. (150 lb Capacity).

WARNING!! Kayak carts must be Fully Inserted through the scuppers during use. Partially inserted carts could cause damage to the scupper tubes. Improper installation or use of Kayak Carts may void your kayak manufacturer's warranty. Click here for details.


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