Hobie Standard Plug-In Cart

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  • Kayak Carts are still a challenge. Our next shipments of standard and heavy-duty carts is in late August. There is a possibility that the Trax wheels will be limited in supply towards the end of this year. The materials for making the PU tires are being consumed by the production of vaccination products.

Hobie Standard Plug-In Kayak Cart

The standard cart is light weight, yet strong enough to handle the Adventure Island. Works best on smooth terrain. Plugs right into the scupper holes of Hobie Kayaks. Wheels are easily removable.

WARNING!! Kayak carts must be Fully Inserted through the scuppers during use. Partially inserted carts could cause damage to the scupper tubes. Improper installation or use of Kayak Carts may void your kayak manufacturer's warranty. Click here for details.

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