FPV-Power Kayak Lock with Alarm And Remote

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FPV10326 - Alarm System With KeyLess Remote

Alarm system for your yaks, equipment.., solar panel, generator.. when camping etc.. or even use it around the home.

As a first line of defence, this key less lock includes a wireless remote (just like your automobile remote). Function is the same as the video plus the ability to lock/arm and unlock/Disarm wirelessly.which utilises a pin code and locks electronically via a motor.

Once armed, any movement/vibration will set off a 110 decibel siren to alert you and loud enough to scare who ever is not suppose to be touching your gear.

This works on the element of surprise, and not to be 100% relied on to secure/lock down your gear, as a bolt cutter will easily cut through the wire cable.

Rain resistant, with battery life of 6 month or so.

Cable Length- Approximately 48"


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