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FeelFree Overdrive Pedal & Motor Part#
This is what made recreational kayaking such a popular outdoor pastime.
From lakes to slow-moving rivers, the no hassle Prodigy 10.0 is ready to get on the water, easy to throw on your car and easy to store, and its affordable, so there's nothing keeping
Hobie Evolve V2 - Solar Panel 23W Part# 72022133
Hobie Evolve V2 Motor W/225 Propeller Part# 72022130

Hobie (Prior Year Model) 2017 Mirage Inflatable i14T Mango/Slate

Prior Year - Contact Us for Availability
Hobie 2017 Mirage Inflatable i14T Mango/Slate Part# 87741000
Roll up the yoga mat and take your workout to the outdoors!
The tribute is specially engineered for smaller framed paddlers, but unlike others in its class, maintains performance and roomy comfort. With good tracking, maneuverability, and surprising spee
Perception Escapade Part# 4340027530
Adventure Island Sail - Papaya/Turquoise/WhiteThe standard sail that comes with the Papaya Adventure Island.Battens sold separately.
We believe that kayaking and fishing should be accessible, rewarding and—above
all else—fun. This starts with locomotion. For many kayakers, long hours of paddling
can dampen their fun factor, and paddle splashes can startle fish and wildlife. So
we as
Hobie Sail Adv Isl Custom Color Part# 79511991
Hobie Vantage Ct Seat - Iseries Part# 84507701

Dagger (Closeout) 2017 Stratos 14.5L

$1,249.00 $1,099.00
Beginners will love the stability and forgiveness, while intermediate and expert paddlers will find that the Stratos’s sporty hull is fast and maneuverable on any adventure. An adjustable drop-skeg aids tracking, and with two hatches, bulkheads, and deck
Torqeedo, Inc. Travel 503 Long Shaft Part# 1141-20
Hobie Evolve V2 Battery Part# 72022131
Wilderness Systems Helix PD Pedal Drive Part# 8070055
Wilderness Systems 2017 Tsunami 165 w/ Rudder Part# 9720667143
Maybe your right arm is stronger than your left; maybe your body tilts east when you really wanna go west; or maybe your personal gyroscope hasn’t worked since the '90s. Whatever the case, the inability to paddle your recreational kayak in a straight line
When we designed the Santee 126, we didn’t set out to redefine recreational kayaks. Our goal was to redefine the recreational category. In other words, we wanted to bring a new standard to what rec paddlers could expect on the water, and with the Santee 1
THE SOJOURN 135 is a day touring kayak for the masses that offers high initial stability pared with excellent speed and agility. At 13 feet 5 inches long, this Sojourn is long enough to hold its own against most kayaks you'll encounter on the water and sh
Native Watercraft Ultimatefx Tdm Kit Tan Part#
Sail Adv V2 Turquoise/Papaya/White (BREEZE)

Hobie Adventure Island Mast - for 2008 model yearsA two-piece carbon mast, complete with mast foot and furling drum.Oversized shipping charges will apply. Please call or email for a personalized q
Get ready for the touring kayak you have been waiting for. The Feelfree Aventura series brings all the latest features of touring kayaks to a user friendly sit inside kayak that is sure to captivate any paddler. The cockpit of the Aventura is nothing shor