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Whether you're looking for kayaks, Kayaking accessories, kayak fishing accessories, kayak replacement parts, or paddles, Mariner Sails has what you need. We carry all major kayak brands: Blackburn Marine, Chinook, Harken, Hobie, Malone, Native Watercraft,

Knob, Adjustable Rod Holder Part# 72021074
Wilderness Systems Round Orbix Hatch Traction Pad Kit Part# 8070095
Wilderness Systems Oval Orbix Hatch Traction Pad Kit Part# 8070094
Hobie RailBlaza Camera Mount Kit Part# 72026205
Hobie Screw 10-32 X .5 Skt Hd Cap Nylon Part# 8030027
Harmony Portage Cockpit Cover Harmony Part# 8023423
Using the YakGear Rod Floats, your rod will stay on top of the water instead of sinking to the bottom if it falls out of your hands or your boat, saving you money and getting you right back to casting. Whether you are fishing with children or you just wan
Hold Fast Grips 6" Paddle Grip (Pair) Part# HF06HP00100
NuCanoe Swivel Seat Mounting Kit Part# 3064S
Yak-Gear Taco Paddle Clip Kit Part# 890847002677
Yak-Gear Drift Anchor Kit 18 Part# 890847002455
Yak-Gear Grapnel Anchor (1.5#) Part# 890847002332
Yak-Gear Bungee Kit 1/4" 18' Part# 890847002196
Railblaza Eye 25 (Pair) Part# 856154004827
Yak-Attack MightyBolt Part# MB20-12-1
Yak-Gear Build A Crate Single Part# 890847002691
Railblaza SidePort Part# 856154004476
Yak-Gear LuminaLed Rechargable Light (Blue) Part# 890847002127
Yak-Gear Pad Eye Kit (5 Pcs) Part# 890847002103
Yak-Gear Bungee Deck Kit Part# 890847002073
Yak-Gear Extreme Leash Com (Pl40&2Xfp32 Part# 890847002059
Railblaza Camera Mounting Kit Part# 05-0042-01