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Hobie Sail H20 Main White Part# 792176223160
Hobie Comptip H20 Part# 40401210
Hobie X-Bar Getaway Fwd Assembly Part# 37131910
Hobie Cross Bar H21SC Assembly Aft Part# 36191001
Hobie Comptip H16 Part# 20611100
Hobie Comptip H21 SE Part# 30581051
Hobie Spreader Pole Assembly Part# 52500001
Hobie X-Bar Gtwy Fwd Assembly 17+ Part# 37131710
Hobie Getaway Lower Mast Part# 37583141
Added performance for your Island sailing when reaching or running. The Hobie Island spinnaker kit includes a snuffer launching and retrieving bag which makes handling the spinnaker as easy as can be. Simply pull on the halyard line to launch, set the she
The Hobie 14 was the original catamaran designed by Hobie Alter. The general shape and design of the boat is very similar to the later built Hobie 16. They share many of the same parts. The 14 was originally designed to be sailed as a uni-rig with just a
Hobie Comptip Getaway Part# 37611100
Hobie Back Rests Wave Frt Part# 38040011
Hobie H18Sx Mast Assembly Part# 68581000
Hobie H17 Main Sail Part# 52991000
Hobie H14 Mast Assembly Part# 10581100
Hobie H17 Comptip Part# 50611101
Hobie H18 Comptip Part# 60611100
Hobie Beach Dolly Euro H16 Frt Part# 70000111
Hobie H14 Comptip Part# 10582100