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Hobie Gennaker - H16 White Part# 20999210
Hobie Spinnaker Kit Tandem Island Part# 72020351
Travel 1003 Electric Outboard, Short Shaft - This motor sets a new standard for quiet, lightweight and ecologically-friendly propulsion. With a built-in ultra-efficient, lithium-manganese battery pack, Torqeedo Travel outboards deliver power and range. (R
Hobie Hull Getaway Port Part# 370010001
O'pen Bic 4.5 Dacron Sail - The 4.5 m² dacron sail has been designed for clubs and lightweight sailors, and can be rigged on the same mast and boom as the 4.5 m² rig.
Hobie Fox Sail Smoke Main Part# F20530130
Hobie Rudder Assembly Wild Cat Rt 2010 Part# F18762160
Hobie T2 Spinnaker Kit w/o Spinnaker Part# F14530200
Hobie H18 Aft Crossbar Black Part# 60191211
Hobie H18 Boom Black Part# 60720011
Hobie H14 Mast Assembly Part# 10581100
Hobie Spreader Pole Assembly Part# 52500001
Hobie Daggerboard H18 Part# 60300001
Hobie X-Bar Getaway Fwd Assembly Part# 37131910
Hobie Sail H20 Jib White Part# 40992010
Hobie Wing Tramp Set H18/21 Blk Msh Part# 68040255
Hobie Rudder Conversion Kith18Blk Part# 60331010
Hobie Tramp 17+ Getaway Turq Mesh Part# 37971758
Hobie H16 Velcro Race Jib Part# 20992388
Hobie Sail H21Sc Main - Custom Part# 36991991
Hobie Double Roller Kit Trailex Part# 38653100
Hobie Sail H21C Jib - Custom Part# 36992991