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Highest capacity kayak cart with very durable knobby (Solid Foam)
26 cm wheels. Welded Stainless steel frame. Wheels are
easily removable for storage. Also includes cart keeper
feature and cart clamps. This cart has the highest capacity.
(225 lb Capac
Hobie - Kayak Cart "Plug-In" Fold And Stow

Hobie® believes you should be able to take your wheels with you wherever you go, despite the amount of gear you’re storing on deck. This is why we’ve designed the lightweight, collapsible Fold and Stow Cart.
CASSETTE PLUG - ECLIPSEReplacement drive slot plug for all Eclipse models.
Hobie Cassette Plug Tall - Pro Angler / Outback Part# 81536001
The Hobie Thru Hull Plug is a replacement plug that allows you to thread wires through the hull of your boat to install fishfinders, GPS and more. One plug, nut, and o-ring is included.

Hobie Drain Plug With Gasket Part# 10091000
NuCanoe Scupper Plug Set Part# 7075
Hobie Mast Plug H-16 Part# 20060000
Hobie Screw - 3 Way Thru Hull Plug Part# 8031611
The Hobie Island Replacement Drain Plug is the replacement drain plug for Hobie Mirage Adventure Island, Tandem Island, as well as 2011 and later models of Hobie Mirage Adventure kayaks. Not only will the Hobie Island Replacement Drain Plug fit certain Ho
NuCanoe Drain Plug Part# 7040
Hobie 3 Way Thru Hull Plug Part# 86515602
If you intend on using your Mirage Drive kayak with just the paddle, install this cassette plug to smooth out the bottom of the kayak for reduced turbulence and improved paddling performance.

An included item on all new Hobie Mirage kayaks.
This soft rubber scupper plug is designed to fit circular scuppers in your sit-on-top kayak. The conical shape and hollow design allow for the rubber construction to accommodate scupper holes ranging from 1.13” to 1.40” in diameter. The rigid center core
Sea-Dog Cable Outlet Plug Only Part# 35514426107
Hobie Scupper Plug Maui/Lanai Part# 72009001
Hobie Plug Mast Foam-H21 Upper Part# 35111001
Hobie Foam Plug H18 Mast Part# 60060000
Hobie Plug Assembly - Getaway Cooler Part# 37371038
Hobie Scupper Plug - Iseries Part# 79050214
Hobie Plug Fwd Wing Backrest Part# 38660011
Hobie Plug Wing Aft Backrest Wave Part# 38660031
Hobie Drain Plug Housing Part# 10092000
Hobie Scupper Plug Hobie Part# 72012001