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Hobie Kayak Cart Plug In Fold & Stow

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  • Kayak Carts are still a challenge. Our next shipments of standard and heavy-duty carts is in late August. There is a possibility that the Trax wheels will be limited in supply towards the end of this year. The materials for making the PU tires are being consumed by the production of vaccination products.

Hobie - Kayak Cart "Plug-In" Fold And Stow

Hobie® believes you should be able to take your wheels with you wherever you go, despite the amount of gear you’re storing on deck. This is why we’ve designed the lightweight, collapsible Fold and Stow Cart.

This kayak cart weighs in at just over 5 pounds and is designed to make transporting your kayak easy. The removable wheels function well on firm surfaces such as pavement or hard-packed sand and dirt. Additionally, the kayak cart frame quickly breaks down to stow inside the bow of any of our rigid-hull kayaks equipped with a large front cargo hatch (not designed to fit Twist and Seal hatches). Simply wheel your kayak down to the water, break the cart down and stow it away. Eliminate trips back and forth to the vehicle! At the end of the day, the cart reassembles in a matter of seconds and is ready to roll. 

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