Yak-Attack LeverLoc Anchor Trolley HD

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YA AMS-1004
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YakAttack  - LeverLoc Anchor Trolley HD

The first anchor trolley with components designed specifically for the job, the YakAttack LeverLoc Anchor Trolley HD included backing plates for the pulleys and clamp, enabling a heavy duty install when compared to the self=threading screws included in the standard LeverLoc Anchor Trolley.  Featuring Harken Pulleys for smooth line movement and 4 Pad Hooks for securing loose trolley line stays in place on the side of the kayak.  The build-in LeverLoc locks the trolley line by a smiple flip of a swithch and at .4 inches tall it is extremely low profile making for a snag free install.  when not in use the achor ring snaps into the LeverLoc so you always know wher it is.  For Trolley Line, included is 35' of USA made 550 paracord with a highly reflective tracer for extr low light visibility.  


  • LeverLoc Line Clamp
  • Backing Plates for added strength
  • PadHook Line Guides
  • Harken Pulleys
  • 35' of Made in the USA 550 Paracord with reflective tracer


  • Construction: UV Stabalized Nylon
  • Included: Harken Pulleys, 
  • 4 Pad Hooks, 
  • Locking Line Clamp, 
  • Anchor Ring, Backing Plates
  • 35' USA made 550 paracord highly reflective


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