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Fishing Kayaks

Mariner Sails is your source for quality fishing kayaks by some of the industry's top brands including Old Town, Hobie, Native Watercraft, Nucanoe, and Wilderness Systems.  We have the latest models in stock and ready for pick up.

There are many options when it comes to choosing a fishing kayak. We encourage you to explore these options to make the right decision for you. Here are some of the kayak options available.

Sit Inside 

  • More efficient to paddle, but are more confining.
  • Works well for longer distances.
  • Generally you stay drier than in Sit on top kayak, a factor in colder water. However, water that gets inside does not drain.

Sit on top

  • Water drains out; self-bailing.
  • Many designed for standing while fishing
  • More ability to store cargo and sit inside
  • Better designed for fishing accessories, rod holders, etc. Easy to add accessories and customize.

Paddle or Pedal.

  • Paddling is a simpler system and provides you with more exercise.
  • Paddle kayaks are generally lighter and less expensive.
  • Pedal kayaks are faster because you're using larger muscle groups. You power with your feet so your hands are free for fishing.
  • You can stand in most pedal kayaks.
  • Pedal kayaks have forward and reverse, which can be useful for fighting fish.
  • Pedal kayaks are generally less maneuverable and heavier than other kayaks.
  • Pedal kayaks are less efficient in very shallow water. You may risk damaging the pedal drive.

Stability vs. Speed

  • V-shaped kayaks will tip top more easily.
  • Wide kayaks have greater stability but are generally slower.
  • Longer kayaks cut through the water more easily.
  • Many wider kayaks let you stand to fish.
  • Shorter, wider kayaks are more maneuverable and more stable.


  • More accessories add more weight.
  • How far will you need to carry your kayak to reach the water?
  • Will you need a kayak kart for transportation?

Not sure which one is right for you?  Our experienced experts can help you select the fishing kayak that meets your exact needs.

You can also shop for kayak accessoriesfishing kayak accessories, including rod holders, kayak lights, and kayak anchors to complete your fishing experience.

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