Hobie Plug-In Kayak Cart - for i9s, i12s and i14t.Features the same wheels as the Standard plug in cart, but with a narrower frame to fit the I-series yaks.WARNING!! Kayak carts must be Fully Inse
Hobie Adventure Island DaggerboardA high-aspect composite blade designed to improve upwind performance of the Adventure Island, and comes as standard equipment.The daggerboard can also be added to
Hobie Deck Pad Set, Outback LE Part# 84211001
For comfort, durability, and affordability in a solid high-angle touring paddle, check out the Bending Branches Slice Hybrid. The Slice Hybrid – weighing in at just 30 oz. – has a 100% carbon, ovalized shaft for the strength to get you where you’re going
The Manta Ray Fiberglass blade has more surface area than Aqua-Bound’s other blade shapes, making it a great choice for big boats and moving water. This blade is made of exclusive Aqua-Bound abXII resin and is reinforced with fiberglass fibers. The Manta
Hobie Rectangular Twist/Seal Hatch Part# 71707001
Hobie MD180 V2 Only ST/Turbo Fin Conversion Kit Part# 72067002
Hobie Kayak Travel Package Part# 72020025
Harmony Perception/Dagger Solo Rudder Kit Part# 8023054
Viking - Profish Insulated Fish Bag (Reload, 400 & GT)

Our fully insulated Fish Bag keeps your catch cool and in great eating conditions while on the water.  The ba
Mariner Sails Pro Angler Table - Large (For H-Rail)

This new additio
Native Watercraft - New Lower Transmission Rebuild Kit

The Propel Drive Lower Transmission Rebuild Kit increases efficiency and performance of well used drives. Includes Propeller Cartridge, Bearings, Lower Transmission Gear, and O-Ring.



NuCanoe - Pursuit - Casting Bar

Stand easily and fish confidently with the Pursuit Casting Bar. It works in the Freedom Track and f
Hobie Pa H-Rail Upgrade - Pa 14 Part# 84625314
The Shred Hybrid whitewater paddle is a great mid-range choice. It features an all-carbon, ovalized shaft along with Aqua-Bound’s durable abXII blades. The blades are reinforced with fiberglass for extra durability.
The Sting Ray Hybrid is the lightest injection molded kayak paddle available at its price point. With its mid-sized blades built of exclusive Aqua-Bound abXII resin reinforced with fiberglass and its all-carbon shaft, this paddle reduces fatigue and joint
The Hobie H-Crate Jr has all the great features of the original but in a smaller footprint. The reduced footprint allows you to store extra cargo behind the seat of your kayak or it will fit nicely on the deck of a SUP or Eclipse board. It has room for pl
Jlmarine Systems Inc. Power Pole Micro Battery Pack Part# BP
Hobie Wiring Kit, PA17 Trolling Motor Part# 72021090
Yakgear - RailBlaza Kayak Motor Mount

Are you looking for a strong and secure way to mount your motor to your kayak? Do you need it to be removable? RAILBLAZA have you covered.

The RAILBLAZA Universal Kayak Motor Mount Bracket combines the flexibility o