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Whether you're looking for kayaks, Kayaking accessories, kayak fishing accessories, kayak replacement parts, or paddles, Mariner Sails has what you need. We carry all major kayak brands: Bonafide, Diablo, Hobie, FeelFree, Native Watercraft, NuCanoe, Wild

FPV10257 – 15 Ft. Pigtail 
The FPV-Power 15 Ft. Pigtail gives you that extra length of wire for those long wiring jobs.
Organize your kayak the right way with a JB Edition Side bro. These are made to fit the existing Hobie mesh pockets on the sides or the rectangular box. Great for storing tackle boxes, soft plastics and much more these can be mounted to any
Panel Mount with 96" Wire & SAE Connector
This kit enables Landing Gear to be installed boats wider than 27". The LG Pro Kit works on the Hobie Pro Angler Series, and allows installation directly behind the seat. This location creates a better weight distribution on the wheels, and provides ton
Hobie "H" Logo Fingerless Gloves Part# 3188SM

Stohlquist Splash Spray Jacket

$39.95 $19.97
Stohlquist Splash Spray Jacket Part# 523430
NuCanoe - Frontier -  Quick Release Bracket

Enables swivel seats to be rem
The Hobie H-Rail with Scotty Gear-Head Adapter allows you to mount Scotty rod holders and accessories to your Hobie H-Rail. The Scotty Gear-Head lets you quickly change rod holder positions with a simple twist. You can use your favorite, fully adjustable
BP1217 - Rectangular Bucket Organizer (Suits Hobie®)
Sort your gear out!
This kit contains an adjustable organiser to suit the rectangle hatch on a Hobie®. Change the width and length to suit your tackle with spots to hang your lures.
FPV10267 - Pigtail Cap - Available 2-1-19


Keep your pigtail terminals clean and dry when not in use with the FPV-POWER Pigtail Cap.
These plates are designed to fit into your kayaks and be used to mount Batteries or can be custom drilled to fit any switch, charger, Solar charging port etc you'd like. Slots are designed to fit 1 or 2 Nocqua 10ah batteries exactly. You can also mount tw
These visors were designed to keep the sun and water off the screen when your fish finder is placed in a open environment. By using a fish finder visor, it allows you to reduce your screen brightness and still see the screen clearly which prolongs battery
The perfect tool organiser for under a hatch, side of a boat or in your kayak.
This holds braid scissors, 8 inch pliers, small knifes and anything you want in the pouch like leader or soft plastic bags!
BerleyPro Lowrance HDS 5 Sun Visor Part# BP1705
Hobie MD180 V2 Clew Clevis Pin Ring Part# 81503100
Mariner Sails Rack Pad (Pair) Part# RP42RS-F
Hobie Rod Holder Livewell Part# 72020015
Hobie Mirage ST Fins Part# 81193021
Tackle Webs, Inc. 24" Wide By 15" Tacklewebs Part# 24BLK
Mad Frog Sideboard TDA - 19 InchThe 'Transducer Deployment Arm' allows you to keep your transducer, cables and fishfinder mounted together,