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Hobie Wave Mast Base New Style Part# 38641001
The Bioenno Power Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Model BLF-1230AS is a state of the art 12V 30Ah battery. Ideal for hard use, this ABS version is well suited for not only stationary installations but also motors and vehicles covering e-bike to e
Sailing for everyone. The RS Quest Sailboat is compact, simple, strong and stable! It's large self draining cockpit is perfect for up to four people!
Dacron Main sail for the Hobie 16 includes all the same features and windows as the Class Sail. Fits your original battens.
Power Pack Battery Box With Integrated USB Charging
This is by far the best face wrap. Soft, light, and comfortable on my face. The deep neck in front and back leave no gaps between your shirt, like other products. The breathe holes are nice, help a lot with not fogging up sunglasses.
Hobie Wave Main Sail Part# 38991079

Barnett 1400

Windward Boatworks is the builder and supplier of this great sailboat. The Barnett 1400 was designed to be an easy to sail, and fast to rig sailboat with comfort and speed in mind. There are a number of small sailboats on the market but the 1400 is the on
Harken Aluminum Cam-Matic Cleat Part# HAR 150
Hobie Cleat Barrel Part# 10262000
Hobie Bow Spreader Wave Part# 38999021
Hobie Cat Trax With 8.5' Axle Part# 1622

Hobie Tiger Sail

These are made by Hobie!
The F-18 is a developmental Class and the Hobie sails conform to the F-18 rules.
The main is available in Smoke or White Mylar Scrim Laminate Cloth and is Fully Battened (Battens not included) It’s high aspect design is extremel
Battery Terminal Connector With 96" Pig Tail - SAE to Spade
Gul Power Strapped 5mm Wetsuit Boots - The Gul Power Strapped 5mm Wetsuit Boots have a super grippy sole and are a good balance between warmth and flexibility. Designed using 5mm Dura-Flex neoprene and Titanium 2 lining, the Gul Power Boot is super warm
Hobie Rudder CamTrouble keeping your rudders locked down? The rudder cam is one of the first things to wear out in the Hobie rudder system. If you have the original hollow rivet holding the cam in your casting, you will need to drill it out with a 1/4" bi
Hobie Wave Jib Spdr & Hdwr Kit Part# 38999001
Hobie Tiger Trax W/ 8Ft Axle Part# 1626
The harness for both racers and recreational sailors where comfort and mobility on the trampoline are most important. For the sailor who spends less time on the trapeze or prefers to “sit up” rather than lean out more. Unique leg strap design combining ne
Hobie Diamond Decal Turquoise / Silver Hobie Part# 12451031
Hobie Rudder Stiffening Kit Part# 136

TI model
Team McLube Sailkote is a high performance, dry lubricant for more efficient, smoother, and longer-lasting movement of sails, hulls, rigging, and deck hardware. Formulated with environmentally-friendly Dupont Krytox®, Sailkote has a hydrophobic clear coat