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FPV-POWER 12V REGULATOR 1.5A (NEW – Available 8/28/18)

The FPV-POWER 12V Regulator is designed to be used with fishfinders needing a minimum of 11V to run. The reason is that at 11V, the battery will still have between 1/4 to 1/3 capacity left however
FPV-POWER 2A Standard Wall Charger

The FPV-POWER 2A Standard Wall Charger is the same charger that comes supplied with our battery combos. Purchase as spare or replacement.

AC Input: 240V
Charge Current: 2A
WEST System Epoxy cures to a high-strength plastic solid at room temperatures, by mixing specific proportions of liquid epoxy resin and hardener.This clear, pale yellow, low-viscosity liquid epoxy resin is formulated for use with WEST SYSTEM hardeners. It
Hobie Bravo Main Sail Part# 90990022
Hobie H18 Main Sail Part# 60991088
Hobie Motor Mount - Hobie Wave Part# 3183
Hobie Toggle Snap Shackle 2-3/4In Part# 20803
Hobie Hiking Stick Kit (Ez Loc) Part# 39550001
Hobie Mast Float Kit Mama Bob Std Part# 30119
Hobie Wave Spinnaker Pole w/Hardware Part# 38999000
Hobie H14 Tramp Set Part# 10970058

Hobie H18 Jib

Hobie H18 Jib Part# 60992088
Hobie Skippers Harness Part# 1388LG
Hobie Qr Wire Keeper Part# 20310
Hobie Getaway Bow Spreader End Cap Part# 37500031
Hobie Mast Step Ball H17/Wave Part# 50212301
Hobie Lower Rudder Bushing (Wave/Bravo/Getaway) Part# 38360001
Hobie Rescue Step - Boat Part# 1266
The Band® truly is the ultimate sports water watch band, will handle any use and abuse you dish out and still hold your valuable timepiece to your wrist. With its durable polypro webbing stitched to nylon hook & loop construction and its unique nylon wrap
Fits masts with circumferences of 23" and larger with corresponding mast collars of up to 37" (584 to 940 mm)