Hobie Rudder Cover (Pair) Part# 82420000
AmSteel®-Blue is a torque-free, 12-strand single braid that yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size-for-size, is the same strength as steel—yet it floats. AmSteel®Blue is an excellent wire rope replacement with extremely low stretch, and
FSE Robline Racing Sheet - Racing Sheet Pro is the outcome of the continued development efforts of FSE Robline®. Made of a mix of impregnated Dyneema® and XLF, the core provides even greater stability in the cleats and allows sailors to use Racing Sheet P
Line Samson 3/8 Inch Ultralite - Ultra-Lite has low stretch, excellent strength, and it floats.
Hobie Comptip Getaway Part# 37611100
Hobie Trapeze Kit Getaway Part# 37140001
Hobie H16 Velcro Race Jib Part# 20992388
Hobie Fairlead Replmnt Kit Part# 11952021
Hobie Wave Jib Spdr & Hdwr Kit Part# 38999001
Harken Block 29mm Bullet Single Swivel Part# HAR 166
Hobie Block 40mm Fiddle With Cam Part# 38900071
Hobie Lock Ring 1/4In Clevis Pin Part# 20860000
Hobie Rolling Duffle BagA HUGE bag, large enough for all of your clothes, gear and then some. This heavy-duty nylon Cordura® bag has a parallel dual zipper top opening that allows plenty of sp
Hobie Bravo Sail & Mast Bag - drawstring sausage bag.This is the same bag Hobie provided with your Bravo for storing the sail assembled on the mast. If you store your Bravo rig outside in this
Harken Block 29mm Pivoting Lead Block (Replaces HAR 291 & HAR 299) Part# 396
Hobie J&H HANDLE WHITE Part# 2004WHT
Hobie SAIL DECAL H18 CLASS INSIGNIA Part# 62330000
Hobie Rudder Conversion Kith18Blk Part# 60331010
Hobie Wire Shroud Getaway Part# 37790001
Hobie Rudder Assembly Ez-Loc Part# 37312000
Hobie Furler Kit Miracle 20 Part# 48921001