Hobie Cat Sailboats

Hobie Bravo

Hobie BravoThe new Hobie Bravo is Hobie's latest contribution to sailing simplicity. The Hobie Bravo's large sail area makes it responsive in light winds, while the roller-furling main and square-top sail design allow for controlled sailing in all wind co
Hobie 16, Hobie 16 SE, H16, H-16, H-16SE

Hobie Wave Club

Hobie Wave Club Part# WAVECLUB

Hobie Getaway

Hobie Getaway Part# GETAWAY

Hobie Wild Cat

The Wild Cat—Hobie Cat Europe’s no-holds-barred Formula 18 class killer—is designed to efficiently feed your adrenaline addiction. Elegant, functional touches include wave-piercing bows, an integrated wing-mast section, high- aspect rati
Sailing has never seemed so simple. When the wind blows, the Tandem Island flies across the water, powered by an expansive, easily tended mainsail.
Hop aboard with a friend. With dual MirageDrives providing pedal power, maneuvering is a snap even when the

Hobie T2

Hobie T2 Part# T2

Hobie 2017 Mirage Adventure Island (Prior Year Model)

Prior Year - Contact Us for Details
An absolute joy on the water, the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is impressively approachable.
Ride the wind: A roller-furling, vertically battened mainsail provides lift, a retractable centerboard prevents lateral slip, and the larger amas tuck parallel a