Sailing Accessories

Hobie Traveler Block Carbo Part# H353
Hobie Kit-Micro Wire Fairlead Part# H284
Hobie Rudder Cover (Pair) Part# 82420000
ClamCleat Leechline Cleat - Jib halyard tensioning cleat for zippered luff jibs. The low-profile, white nylon Clamcleat® can be sewn or riveted onto sails and technical fabrics. It can be mounted in two positions on the sail.
Hobie H17SE / H17S Mast Assembly Part# 51410000
Hobie H17 Comptip Part# 50611101
Hobie H14 Mast Assembly Part# 10581100
Hobie H14 Comptip Part# 10582100
Hobie H14 Crossbar Forward Black Part# 10131910
Hobie H14 Boom Assembly Part# 10720011
Arbuckle Aircraft Swage Stud 1/4W 7/16RH Part# AR SS8-7/16-RH
Hobie Trapeze Kit Getaway Part# 37140001
Hobie J&H Handles-Black Part# 2004BLK
Hobie Bravo Righting Line Shock Cord7 feet of 1/4 inch diameter shock cord with a loop on each end.Most common is black.
Hobie Bravo Downhaul Part#
Hobie Decal Flying ''H'' Small Black Part# 36601000
Hobie Knife Deluxe Stainless Part# 1551
Hobie Telo Cat Replacement Vane Part# 378
FSE Robline Racing Sheet - Gray 6MM (656ft Roll) - Racing Sheet Pro is the outcome of the continued development efforts of FSE Robline®. Made of a mix of impregnated Dyneema® and XLF, the core provides even greater stability in the cleats and allows sailo
Hobie Swiv Micro Cam Cleat W. Base Part# RF67NC
Hobie H-16 Mast Seal Plate Part# 412144
Hobie Bow Eye Repair Kit Wave Part# 38120201
Samson Warpspeed 3/8" - A great strength-weight-stretch profile (high strength, low stretch, and very low weight) makes WarpSpeed® the high-performance racer's choice for double braid ropes. The strength member in this double braid is 100% Dyneema® fiber.
Line Samson 1/4 Inch Ultralite Blue - Ultra-Lite has low stretch, excellent strength, and it floats.