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Native Watercraft Transom Style Motor Mount Part#
This solid tandem, hybrid canoe/kayak platform makes fishing, hunting, camping or just a relaxed day on the water with family and friends an experience they will always remember. The Ultimate FX Tandem fishing kayak features two high/low seats for improve
Native Watercraft Prop Cartridge O-Ring Part#
Native Watercraft - Propel Lubrication Kit 

To keep your Propel Pedal Drive (patent pending) operating in peak condition, you should keep it clean and periodically add lubricant to the crank. This kit includes the tools and lubricant used in the gen
Native Watercraft - Slayer 12/13 Propel

The Slayer 12/Slayer 13 Propel Hatch covers the bow storage area, shedding spray and rain. Secured in place by the crosspattern bungee system, it is made of rigid plastic that will not sag.


The Slayer 12 fishing kayak series share simplicity, easy customization, and rock-solid stability. The Slayer fishing kayak features high/low seating positions for out-of-the-wind paddling and comfortable ergonomi
Native Watercraft Native New Cup/Rod Holder Part# PROD005
Native Watercraft Prop O-Ring Lower Fairing Part#
Native Watercraft Seat Slider Kit Part#
Native Watercraft - New Upper Transmission Rebuild Kit

The Propel Drive Upper Transmission Rebuild Kit increases the efficiency and performance of well used drives. Includes Upper Gear Assembly, Upper Transmission Gear, and Bearings.

Native Watercraft - First Class Seat Pack

The First Class Seat Pack contours perfectly to the seat frame offering multiple easily accessible storage options. The front has two mesh pockets, the vertical zipper along the side makes it easy to get inside
Native Watercraft - Interior Battery Pack

The Interior Battery Pack easily mounts in the Console of the Slayer and Slayer Propel series. It is the perfect size for most small electronics batteries. The unique design suspends the battery off the bottom

Native Watercraft (Closeout) 2016 Ultimate FX

$1,449.00 $1,159.20
Native Watercraft (Closeout) 2016 Ultimate FX Part# NRUP1316LL
Native Watercraft Plug And Play Short Mt Bar Part#
Native Watercraft - Propel - Slider Seat Foot with CapFront Foot with Cap for the Propel SeatFeatures:

Foot & Cap
Native Watercraft Upper Transmission Gear Part#
Native Watercraft - Seat 1" Seat Caps - TubingFoot Caps for the Native, Propel, FX and Slayer Seate.Features:

Seat Caps 1" 
Native Watercraft Native Cup Holder Part#
 Native Watercraft - Versa Board w/ Cooler StrapThis foam seat attaches to the lid of a cooler and is anchored to the Versa Board to provide a comfortable seat with a higher vantage point and a convenient spot for refreshments. The ideal size cooler is 40
Native Watercraft - Propel Prop Indexer

*****Taking Pre Orders - these are scheduled to Ship in from Native in Feb******


The Propel Indexer can quickly be engaged to allow for immediate propeller placement for lifting the Propel Drive back onto the d
Native Watercraft - Deck Mount Paddle Holder

Ever need both hands free to take a photo, reel in a fish, get into your gear or just stop for some water? Well this simple Deck Mounted Paddle Holder allows you to secure your paddle out of the way without wo