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Native Watercraft Thwart Spring 14.5 Part#
Native Watercraft Prop O-Ring Lower Fairing Part#
Native Watercraft Cartridge Seal Part#
 Native Watercraft - Versa Board w/ Cooler StrapThis foam seat attaches to the lid of a cooler and is anchored to the Versa Board to provide a comfortable seat with a higher vantage point and a convenient spot for refreshments. The ideal size cooler
Native Watercraft - Rudder - ULT Roto12 W/Floatation (Ult 12 Mount)

The Rudder Kit comes with all the hardware needed to attach it to your kayak. The blade is attached to the stern of the boat, along with a cleat and bungee that secures it when it is not
Native Watercraft - Propel Lubrication Kit 

To keep your Propel Pedal Drive (patent pending) operating in peak condition, you should keep it clean and periodically add lubricant to the crank. This kit includes the tools and lubricant used in the gen
Native Watercraft - Slayer 14.5 Hatch

The Slayer 14.5 Hatch covers the bow storage area, shedding spray and rain. Secured in place by the crosspattern bungee system, It is made of rigid plastic that will not sag.


Made in Henderson C
Native Watercraft - Slide Kit with Pad-Eye Hook - 10/32 Set of 4

Slide Kit with Pad-Eye allows you to lash your load in.  


Purchased in sets of four 

Constructed with sturdy plastic 

Easily moves forward or backward

Native Watercraft - Mariner Rectangle Outfitting Plate

The Mariner Rectangle Outfitting Plate attaches to molded in inserts and can easily be added or removed. The plate can be used to anchor rod holders or electronics for fishing or photography.

Native Watercraft Groove Square Outfitting Plate Part#
Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Cockpit Cover
Native Watercraft - IM Slider Slug 1/4-20 InsertThis unit has the Slider with the Pad eye with single hole with hook.  Used with shock cord as a tie down point.  Features:

Slider Slug 1/4-20 Threads

Native Watercraft - High / Low - First Class Seat - Slayer & FX Whether you are sitting in the lower more stable position that gives you optimal paddling power or you are taking advantage of the raised position for sight fishing, photography or just a new
Native Watercraft Screw Phillips Flat 0-32X3/4 Part#
Native Watercraft Roto Block Nylon Part#
Native Watercraft Ult 14.5 Tan Center Tube Part#
Native Watercraft Propler Bearing Small Part#
Native Watercraft Upper Transmission Gear Part#
Native Watercraft - Propel Slayer - Overmold KnobOver mold Knob for Propel Seat with washer.Features:



Native Watercraft - Pad Eye Single Hole With HookPad eye with single hole with hook.  Used with shock cord as a tie down point.  Features:

Hook with Single Hole.

Native Watercraft Bulkhead Ultimate 12 Bow Or Stern Part#
Native Watercraft Propl 10 & 13 Rudder Cable Part#
Native Watercraft Prop Drive Box Cover 12/14.5 Part#
Native Watercraft Plug And Play Long Mt Bar Part#