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Native Watercraft - Propel Propeller Replacement Shear Pin

The Native Watercraft Replacement Propel Shear Pin protects the gears of your propel unit from being damaged should your propeller come into contact with an immovable object. Without the shear
Native Watercraft - Propel Slayer - Overmold KnobOver mold Knob for Propel Seat with washer.Features:



Native Watercraft Bulkhead Ultimate 12 Bow Or Stern Part#
Native Watercraft - Seat 1" Seat Caps - TubingFoot Caps for the Native, Propel, FX and Slayer Seate.Features:

Seat Caps 1" 
Native Watercraft - Thumb Screws

These Thumb Screws can replace the Electronics Console screws provide on 2012 Slayer models. The new screws can be adjusted or removed by hand, eliminating the need for a screwdriver on or off the water.Features:

Low p
Native Watercraft 2015 Upper Gear Assembly

Part Number: APRO004
Native Watercraft - Super Seal Plug

The innovative Super Seal Plug creates a high pressure seal to keep water from entering the scupper holes. It is multi-ribbed and has an easy-pull handle so it is simple to use or remove. The low profile design helps k
Native Watercraft - Slayer 14.5 Hatch

The Slayer 14.5 Hatch covers the bow storage area, shedding spray and rain. Secured in place by the crosspattern bungee system, It is made of rigid plastic that will not sag.


Made in Henderson C
Native Watercraft Grove Kit For Versa Board Part#
Native Watercraft Heritage Cockpit Cover Part#
Native Watercraft Thwart Bar 20" Black (Slayer Propel 13) Part# PPLA124
Native Watercraft Strap First Class Black 27In Part# PSTRO06
Native Watercraft Cover - Multisport Steer Mariner Part#
Native Watercraft Thwart Spring 14.5 Part#
Native Watercraft - Im Slider Slug with 10-32 This unit has the Slider 10/32 Threads Features:

Slider Slug

Native Watercraft - IM Slider Slug 1/4-20 InsertThis unit has the Slider with the Pad eye with single hole with hook.  Used with shock cord as a tie down point.  Features:

Slider Slug 1/4-20 Threads

Native Watercraft Screw Phillips Flat 0-32X3/4 Part#
Native Watercraft Prop Slay Stain Shaft Ret Part#