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Native Watercraft - Propel Rudder Cable with TermPropel Wire Rudder Cables with terminal connectors to rudder for Native Mariner models only.


1 Wire Cable

With Terminal Conector to rudder

Native Watercraft Thwart Bar 14" (All other Propel Kayaks) Part#
Native Watercraft Screw M5X16Mm Thwart & Prop Part#
Native Watercraft Proppeller Bearing Large Part#
Native Watercraft Knob Ultimatefx Seat Part#
Native Watercraft Hatch Latch Rubber Part#
Native Watercraft Prop Drive Box Cover 12/14.5 Part#
Native Watercraft Jack Pad Seat Back Part#
Native Watercraft Versa Board Dvc Seat Back Part#
 Native Watercraft - Versa Board w/ Cooler StrapThis foam seat attaches to the lid of a cooler and is anchored to the Versa Board to provide a comfortable seat with a higher vantage point and a convenient spot for refreshments. The ideal size cooler is 40
Native Watercraft Coupe/Duece Aftermarket Seat Kit Part#
Native Watercraft - New Crank Seal Replacement Kit 

The Propel Drive Crank Seal Replacement Kit includes 2 External Seals and 2 Internal Retaining Rings.


The Propel Drive Crank Seal Replacement Kit 

includes 2 External Seals and 2 Internal
Native Watercraft Slayer Foot Pads Part#
Native Watercraft Grove Kit For Versa Board Part#
Native Watercraft - Mariner Rectangle Outfitting Plate

The Mariner Rectangle Outfitting Plate attaches to molded in inserts and can easily be added or removed. The plate can be used to anchor rod holders or electronics for fishing or photography.

Native Watercraft "Native Watercraft" Hat Part# AAPP211
Native Watercraft Rod Holder Gasket Part# PROD758
Native Cup & Rod Holder Kit Part# PROD005
Native Watercraft Seat Strap Mount Coupe Part#