Native Watercraft - Propel Easy Cruz Propeller Upgrade Kit

The new Easy Cruz hi efficiency propeller optimizes pitch and rake adjustments to give the drive unit a 50% increase in efficiency while maintaining the same top end speed the Propel Drive (paten
Native Watercraft - Slayer 14.5 Hatch

The Slayer 14.5 Hatch covers the bow storage area, shedding spray and rain. Secured in place by the crosspattern bungee system, It is made of rigid plastic that will not sag.


Made in Henderson C
Native Watercraft - Slide Kit with Pad-Eye Hook - 10/32 Set of 4

Slide Kit with Pad-Eye allows you to lash your load in.  


Purchased in sets of four 

Constructed with sturdy plastic 

Easily moves forward or backward

Native Watercraft - Interior Battery Pack

The Interior Battery Pack easily mounts in the Console of the Slayer and Slayer Propel series. It is the perfect size for most small electronics batteries. The unique design suspends the battery off the bottom
Native Watercraft - Cooler Gear Bag - Ultimate 12 Bow BagThis bag is a great addition to any kayak, but was specially created to fit in the bow of the Ultimate™ 12 Tunnel Hull. It is insulated and waterproof up to the non-corrosive nylon coil zippers arou
Native Watercraft - Anchor Trolley System

The Anchor Trolley System allows anglers to fish from any direction without having to stand up and move.  It allows you to position the anchor to any point along the side of the boat while seated, withoug moving
Native Watercraft - Ultimate Tight Line Anchor Trolley

The Tight Line Anchor Trolley System uses two pulleys and a bungee provides constant tension that helps prevent the rope from snagging. Especially convenient in currents and windy waters, adjusting t
Native Watercraft (Closeout) 2016 Ultimate FX 15 Solo Blue Lagoon Part# NWC NRUF15S16BL
Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Cockpit Cover
Native Watercraft Cover - Multisport Steer Mariner Part#
Native Watercraft Thwart Bar 14" (All other Propel Kayaks) Part#
Native Watercraft - New Lower Transmission Rebuild Kit

The Propel Drive Lower Transmission Rebuild Kit increases efficiency and performance of well used drives. Includes Propeller Cartridge, Bearings, Lower Transmission Gear, and O-Ring.


Native Watercraft - New 55mm Crank Arm Upgrade Kit

The Propel Drive 55mm Crank Arm Upgrade Kit fits any Propel Drive; shorter arms provide a more comfortable circular motion.


The Propel Drive 55mm Crank Arm Upgrade Kit fits any Propel Drive
Native Watercraft - Propel Lubrication Kit 

To keep your Propel Pedal Drive (patent pending) operating in peak condition, you should keep it clean and periodically add lubricant to the crank. This kit includes the tools and lubricant used in the gen
Native Watercraft (Closeout) 2015 Versa Board Lizard Lick Part# NWC LRVB1215LL
Native Watercraft Retaining Clip 9/32 Shaft Part# PCLP103-C
Native Watercraft Native New Cup/Rod Holder Part# PROD005
Native Watercraft Plug And Play Short Mt Bar Part#