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Native Watercraft - Tournament Series - Seat Tool and Tackle Organizer

Seat Tool and Tackle Organizer with Plano Pockets


Fits Slayer Propel 10 and Slayer Propel 13

Slayer 12 and Slayer 14.5

Mounts on seat




Native Watercraft - Ultimate Tight Line Anchor Trolley

The Tight Line Anchor Trolley System uses two pulleys and a bungee provides constant tension that helps prevent the rope from snagging. Especially convenient in currents and windy waters, adjusting t
Native Watercraft Prop Cover/Steering Handle Part#
Native Watercraft - New Lower Transmission Rebuild Kit

The Propel Drive Lower Transmission Rebuild Kit increases efficiency and performance of well used drives. Includes Propeller Cartridge, Bearings, Lower Transmission Gear, and O-Ring.


Native Watercraft Thwart Bar 20" Black (Slayer Propel 13) Part# PPLA124
Native Watercraft Roto Block Nylon Part#
Native Watercraft Access Hatch Kit Slayer Part#
Native Watercraft Seat Slider Kit Part#
Native Watercraft - Propel Easy Cruz Propeller Upgrade Kit

The new Easy Cruz hi efficiency propeller optimizes pitch and rake adjustments to give the drive unit a 50% increase in efficiency while maintaining the same top end speed the Propel Drive (paten
Native Watercraft Sail Kit Ult/Multispt Part#
Native Watercraft Dvc Seat Part#
Native Watercraft Propel Rudder Drum Part# PRUD007
Native Watercraft Prop Transmission Screw Part#
Native Watercraft Prop Lower Transmission Bearing Part#
Native Watercraft - Propel Propeller Replacement Shear Pin

The Native Watercraft Replacement Propel Shear Pin protects the gears of your propel unit from being damaged should your propeller come into contact with an immovable object. Without the shear
Native Watercraft - New Upper Transmission Rebuild Kit

The Propel Drive Upper Transmission Rebuild Kit increases the efficiency and performance of well used drives. Includes Upper Gear Assembly, Upper Transmission Gear, and Bearings.

Native Watercraft - New 55mm Crank Arm Upgrade Kit

The Propel Drive 55mm Crank Arm Upgrade Kit fits any Propel Drive; shorter arms provide a more comfortable circular motion.


The Propel Drive 55mm Crank Arm Upgrade Kit fits any Propel Drive
THE MANTA RAY ANGLER 12 LT IS THE NEWEST ADDITION TO THE EVER POPULAR SIT-ON-TOP SERIES FROM NATIVE. We have taken this model to the next level of comfort and adjustability by installing a 1st Class Frame Seat featuring two height positions.
The Ultimate FX Propel 13 is the lightest weight 13’ pedal drive on the market. Designed with heavy input from our Pro Staff, the FX Propel is loaded to the gills (no pun intended) for some serious kayak fishing. The open deck allows for easy loading and
Native Watercraft Slayer Seat Back Frame U Shaped Part# PSEA131
Native Watercraft Strap First Class Black 27In Part# PSTRO06
Native Watercraft Thwart Spring 14.5 Part#