THE NEXT GENERATION ULTIMATE TANDEM FISHING KAYAK! This solid tandem, hybrid canoe/kayak platform makes fishing, hunting, camping or just a relaxed day on the water with family and friends an experience they will always remember. The Ultimate FX Tandem fi
Native Watercraft Slayer Seat Back Frame U Shaped Part# PSEA131
Native Watercraft Propel Rudder Drum Part# PRUD007
Native Watercraft - Tournament Series - Rail Tool & Tackle Caddy

This pouch attaches using the Adapt-A-Trak™ system but faces inside the hull. It sits conveniently under the gunwale and out of the way.


For Slayer Propel 10 and Slayer Propel
Native Watercraft - Propel Easy Cruz Propeller Upgrade Kit

The new Easy Cruz hi efficiency propeller optimizes pitch and rake adjustments to give the drive unit a 50% increase in efficiency while maintaining the same top end speed the Propel Drive (paten
Native Watercraft - Groove Adapter Slugs Kit

Our Groove Adapters can be used with any of our boats Groove Track to mount an incredible variety of gear and accessories. They adjust quickly and easily with a #2 Philips head screw driver.


Native Watercraft Transom Style Motor Mount Part#
Native Watercraft Strap First Class Black 27In Part# PSTRO06
Native Watercraft - Propel Pedal Drive


The Propel Pedal Drive can now be purchased separate of the Propel kayaks.

****Thwart bar not included.








Native Watercraft - Mariner Rectangle Outfitting Plate

The Mariner Rectangle Outfitting Plate attaches to molded in inserts and can easily be added or removed. The plate can be used to anchor rod holders or electronics for fishing or photography.

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Drive Unit Cover Part#
Native Watercraft Liquid Logic Logo Stickers Part#
 Native Watercraft - Versa Board w/ Cooler StrapThis foam seat attaches to the lid of a cooler and is anchored to the Versa Board to provide a comfortable seat with a higher vantage point and a convenient spot for refreshments. The ideal size cooler
Native Watercraft - Super Seal Plug

The innovative Super Seal Plug creates a high pressure seal to keep water from entering the scupper holes. It is multi-ribbed and has an easy-pull handle so it is simple to use or remove. The low profile design helps k
Native Watercraft Ultimate Seat Riser Part#
Native Watercraft 1st Class Seat Support Cushion Part#
Native Watercraft - Ultimate Tight Line Anchor Trolley

The Tight Line Anchor Trolley System uses two pulleys and a bungee provides constant tension that helps prevent the rope from snagging. Especially convenient in currents and windy waters, adjusting t
Native Landing Gear Rail Mount Conversion Kit
Genuine replacement cable for Slayer ProPel 10 & 13 rudder systems. Sold individually, 2 needed per boat.
Native Watercraft Native New Cup/Rod Holder Part# PROD005
Native Cup & Rod Holder Kit Part# PROD005
Native Watercraft Skeg Blade Replacement Versa Part#