FeelFree Overdrive Pedal & Motor Part#
Native Watercraft 2017 Ultimate FX 12 Part# NRUF1217LL
Wilderness Systems (DEMO) 2015 ATAK (A.T.A.K.) Lime 140 Part# 9730325061
The Quest 13 is Hobie’s swiftest solo paddle kayak, with a sleek, swell-eating stride. It has the sea legs for light touring, and excels for fishing. The rotomolded polyethylene hull features generous belowdeck stowage, ample space for tackle boxes or ten
FeelFree Overdrive Pedal (w/Seat Adjuster) Part#
Wilderness Systems 2017 Pungo 120 Ultralite Part# 9730115091

FeelFree 2016 Lure 10 (Prior Year Model)

Prior Year Model - Contact for Details
Feelfree Kayaks is taking kayak fishing to a new level in stability, comfort and versatility with the new 2014 Lure. The Lure 10 is the smaller more compact brother of the Lure 11.5 and is excellent for shorter trips on rivers and lakes without comprising
Wilderness Systems 2017 Tsunami 140 w/ Rudder Part# 9720417143
Wilderness Systems 2017 Tsunami 145 Part# 9720457143
Native Watercraft - Propel Pedal Drive


The Propel Pedal Drive can now be purchased separate of the Propel kayaks.

****Thwart bar not included.









Wilderness Systems 2017 Radar 115 (Prior Year Model)

Prior Year Model - Contact for Details
Introducing the Radar series – Wilderness Systems’ first tri-powered kayak with paddle, power and pedal capabilities. The Radar features S.M.A.R.T. Hull Technology that combines Stability, Maneuverability, Acceleration, Responsiveness and Tracking through
The Hobie Lanai glides smoothly and efficiently, despite its compact size.
A clever, rotomolded polyethylene hull maximizes stability while minimizing drag, and the boat’s clean deck layout emphasizes paddling bliss while stripping all unnecessary clutter
A kayak with one of Hobie’s easy and elegant MirageDrives is quick. Adding a second really pours on the speed. Bring along a friend, your significant other, or a child—dual helm control means either of you can steer this wide, stable hull.

Wilderness Systems 2016 Ride 135 Midnight (Prior Year Model)

Prior Year Model - Contact for Details
Wilderness Systems (Closeout) 2016 Ride 135 Midnight Part# 9750135110
FeelFree Aventura 140 w/ Skeg Part# AVENTURA 140 BLUE
Wilderness Systems (Closeout) 2015 Thresher 155 Flint Part# 9750485104
Wilderness Systems 2017 Pungo 120 Angler Part# 9730515143
Perception (DEMO) 2015 Carolina 14.0 Lime Part# 9320405061
Native Watercraft (Closeout) 2015 Ultimate FX 15 Tandem Part# NWC NRUF15T15CH
The Predator 13 was completely engineered – below and above the waterline – to deliver the perfect platform for fishing and on-water sporting. Our Pro Staff examined seating, rod placement, paddle holders and total “fish-ability” and incorporated it all i
FEELFREE - MOKEN 14 The Feelfree Moken 14 is an off-shore fishing machine: fast enough to reach the fishing grounds and plenty of stability for fishing the flats. Capable and seaworthy in waves, the Moken 14 features a standing area for sight fishing, ple
The Hobie Kona is a classic crossover paddle kayak.
In two-person configuration, it provides a stable ride and snappy, spin-in-a-second performance; when paddling alone, the boat’s molded center seat keeps the boat well trimmed and responsive. The Kona’s

Perception 2017 Pescador Pro 12 (Prior Year Model)

Prior Year Model - Contact for Details
Fun on the water - that's the perception story. So what about anglers looking for a performance-driven fishing kayak? Look no further than the Pescador Pro. Getting more of an overhaul than just a refresh of the beloved Pescador series, the Pescador Pro i
Wilderness Systems 2017 Tarpon 160 w/Rudder Part# 9750637143