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Two 20-inch strips provide brilliant lighting at an affordable price. Perfect as a starter project or add to an existing SuperNova installation.
Our popular Deluxe Kayak Light Kit delivers excellent visibility above water and plenty of bait action below! Stand out from the crowd when you fish with SuperNova!
This is SuperNova's most popular LED lighting kit. Our Extreme Kayak Light Kit includes eight light strips for the front, rear and cabin of your kayak, providing plenty of visibility for structures at casting distance, safe navigation, and cabin lights th
The HPA Extreme Kit includes eight light strips for the front, rear, tankwell, cabin and below seat deck areas of your kayak. This ensures ample visability of all structures at casting distance. The cabin lights, tankwell light, and below seat deck light
MARKERKIT-RED/GRN-4 - Super Nova 4" Navigation LEDs Red/Green