Two films are combined on a single DVD for more action and entertainment. Filmed in Hawaii and California, Sharing the Wind captures the intensity of championship Hobie Catamaran Racing and the magic of recreational sailing, hull-flying in conditions that
HOBIE  - SCREW - 1/4-20 x 1-1/4 PHMS
Hobie Block 16mm Air Fixed Single Part# H404
CLEVIS PIN .1875 X 7/8, 11/16Secures the flow fins to the outhaul. Two requirded per board, sold individually.

For questions and supp
Rivet Semi 3/16 X 27/32 inchUsed on the Bravo to join the gate hinge bar to the gate hinge plate.
BOLT 5/16-18 X 3-5/8
BOLT 5/16-18x2 inch (17/18 RUDDER)
Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolt - 5/16-18 x 1 inch.Priced each.Commonly used in tiller connectors for Waves, Getaways and Hobie 20s.

Stainless Steel Clevis Pin - 3/16 x 13/16 inch
Hobie Cam Base With Swivel Bullseye Part# H241
Hobie Fairlead-Kit-Cam-Matic Wire Lg Part# H298
Hobie Getaway Rigging DVDLearn the proper methods to rig your Getaway.
All Purpose ToolHandles screws, bolts, and shackles. Wide blade fits up into Hobie Cat’s lower rudder castings for adjusting cam spring tension. Narrow blade fits the rudder stop screw and i
Universal Hobie Batten - 100-9/16 inchUse the table shown above to verify size needed. Batten #1 is the bottom batten in a sail. Order batten tie line separately.Max length: 100-9/16 inchMin lengt