Hobie Fishfinder Install Kit Part# 72020101
Yak-Attack ParkNPole Link 8'', 2 Piece Stakeout / Push Pole Part# PNPL-8
The Diablo Deck is a false deck that sits over the cockpit to provide a flat surface that can accomodate a cooler, hard mounted seat, or a tackle box. It is covered in our black traction pad for no-slip performance, allowing it to be used as a standing pl
This battery mount has been designed to fit the Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel, Slayer 12, and Slayer 14.5 by removing the existing plastic cover and replacing it with the new BerleyPro Dual Battery Mount. This mount is built tough, with anodized alum
Hobie Fishfinder Install Kit III L/R Part# 72020070
Native Watercraft Folding Dash Ultimate Part#
Hobie Dodger / Silver Kayak Part# 72721001
Hobie Trax 2 - Kayak CartThe Trax 2 Kayak Cart has new 24 cm blow-molded polyurethane pneumatic tires. These tires have a higher capacity and are very durable! The rim is a smaller diameter and th
This is the replacement seat for the Hobie Mirage kayaks. Has the twist and lock mountings to hold the seat in place.
Get rid of that old milk crate, get your rods and tackle organized and go catch some fish. The NRS Ambush Tackle Bag gives you the features and functionality you need to stay on top of your game on the water.
For comfort, durability, and affordability in a solid high-angle touring paddle, check out the Bending Branches Slice Hybrid. The Slice Hybrid – weighing in at just 30 oz. – has a 100% carbon, ovalized shaft for the strength to get you where you’re going
The Manta Ray Hybrid is built for high-angle paddlers, bigger boats, and paddlers looking for more power. With its all-carbon shaft and large, abXII fiberglass-reinforced blades, the Manta Ray Hybrid has a low swing weight and provides both comfort and po
Hobie Kayak Safety Package - Deluxe Part# 72020029
Nucanoe - Pursuit - Slide Drawer

The Slide Drawer secures in the bow
This is the replacement seat for the Hobie inflatable I-series kayaks.
Hobie Standard Plug-In Kayak CartThe standard cart is light weight, yet strong enough to handle the Adventure Island. Works best on smooth terrain. Plugs right into the scupper holes of Hobie Kaya
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Want a knife to make your friends green with envy? The NRS Titanium Pilot Knife is lightweight, exceedingly strong and highly corrosion-resistant.
Titanium is super lightweight, stronger than steel and holds a keen edge.
The combination
Hobie MD180 V2 Only ST/Turbo Fin Conversion Kit Part# 72067002
Werner Paddles Tybee Hooked Part# TY 2 F11 260 1022
BerleyPro - Native Watercraft Slayer/Propel Nocqua Power Pack

The Propel Power Pack is the perfect add on for installation of powered accessories in the Native Watercraft range. This allows your Nocqua 10ah water resistant Lithium Ion Batteryattery to fi
This is the bar that goes through the bottom of the Vantage Seat for Hobie Kayaks. This bar forms the rim of the seat and runs through the seat webbing sleeve.
FeelFree Rudder / Hand Control (For Overdrive / Lures) Part#
Yak-Gear Outriggers (Std Orange) Part# 890847002431
Hobie Evolve 2Nd Hull Wiring Kit Part# 72022031